$Bliss is an ERC-20 token and the second token of the Convivial ecosystem.The only way to mint $BLISS is to play the game, and it is used to perform many actions:- upgrading characters,to open mystery boxes,marketplace and convival war.


Every time when player go for the battle, he have to win the match with there skills to earn bliss tokens and if the player losses battle against other player , some amount of bliss also swapped between the other user.

Multiplier Model

The Players will receive match end reward multiplier for $Bliss based on their NFTs they hold.
Formula :
  • Net $Bliss = Winner rewards [(Addition of all NFTs Multipliers)/6]
  • Suppose for case 1 we have Player X VS Player Y,player X wins the game & got 100 coins but he has all NON NFT Cards so Net Rewards =100*[ (1+1+1+1+1+1)/6] = 100(6/6 )= 100*1 = 100
  • Let’s think about case 2 where gamerX is equipped with some NFTs,let’s say 1 common & 1rare & 4 non NFTs
    • Rewards = 100*[(2+4+1+1+1+1)/6]
    • = 100*[10/6]
    • = 100*(1.66)
    • = 166
  • In this case you can see gamer is getting 1.66X more rewards than case 1
  • Just think about gamerX is equipped with all the cards that’s more expensive not all will buy but still for the math we have :-So net rewards = 100*[(2+4+7+11+16+22)/6] = 100* [62/6] = 100[10.3] = 1030
  • In this case GamerX is getting 10.3X more rewards than Case 1.

NFT Upgrade

Every time a User upgrade there NFT or Buy treasure chest , Bliss token will get burned.

Treasure Unlock

Every time a player wins the match he will get the time locked Treasure Chest. To unlock this chest a player must burn an amount of Bliss to open it.

Upgrade Cards

Upgrade cards are Consumable NFT’s that are earnt through gameplay and can be bought on the marketplace.
  • Each upgrade requires $Bliss and upgrade cards relevant to the card being upgraded.
  • For example:
    • Robot 1 can be upgraded for 20 $Bliss coins and 4 ‘Robot 1 Upgrade Cards’ at level 1.
    • After each level up the $Bliss cost and upgrade card cost also increases.
    • At level 13; Robot 1 would require 1500 $Bliss coins and 40 ‘Robot 1 Upgrade Cards.
    • Each character upgrade increases the amount of upgrade cards and coins required.
    • This increases the difficulty curve of levelling up cards
All $Bliss tokens used in Upgrading Cards are burned and $CVL token used will move to treasury
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