Game Features

NFT Element

It is subjected to get updated later on
  • Each of the character and upgrade cards are considered an individual NFT Unit.
  • A new player will be given 8 cards of the most common cards in its lowest tier.
    • The 8 cards that will be given to the player at the start of the game are yet to be decided. (Will Be mentioned in Metric sheet)
  • Low tier cards are not NFT’s
    • These cards when upgraded will become NFT’s.
  • All the cards earnt through gameplay or bought through the market of rarity above common are NFT’s.
  • Each card level can be upgraded using ‘Upgrade Cards’ which are usually earnt through opening the chests.
  • Upgrade Cards are consumable NFT’s that get destroyed when used to upgrade their Character card.
  • Both Character Card NFT’s and Upgrade Card (Consumable) NFT’s are tradeable in the marketplace for coins.

Metamask Login

  • A Metamask virtual wallet will be used to keep track of all the NFT in the player's inventory and in-game currency of the user’s game.
  • Metamask also allows for ethereum to be converted into coins and vice versa.
  • The players will have to Login via metamask extenstion available in the browser

TOKENS ( $CVL(Governance) $BLISS(In Game))

  • $Bliss is the game's in-game token currency built on ethereum(Erc-20).
  • It serves as the basis for all transactions within the game.
  • $Bliss can be purchased through coin packs in-game that cost Ethereum.
  • $Bliss can also be earnt through gameplay.
  • When a player wins a match, The player earns $Bliss at the cost of the loser.
  • When a player loses a match, they will lose their $Bliss to the opponent.
    • The amount of $Bliss at stake is dependent on the arena tier.
    • Low tier arenas will have a very low stakes
    • High tier arenas will have higher stakes
    • More details for the staking of the coins will be mentioned in the metric sheet
  • $Bliss are used to upgrade cards, buy in-game items and buy NFTs on the marketplace.
  • Whenever any transaction is made an arbitrary amount (ex. 5%) of the transaction is captured as tax that will be implemented for a Buy Back.


  • All NFT objects in the game, the Character cards and their Upgrade cards can be traded on the Marketplace.
  • Users can put up their NFT cards for sale on the marketplace from their inventory.
  • Users will have to connect their metamask wallet to perform any transaction on the marketplace.
  • All NFT’s purchased from the marketplace will be placed in the users inventory
    • Cost and quantity for the items on the market place will be mentioned in the metric sheet
  • Rare treasure chest are also available for purchase in the marketplace
    • The purchasable chests are not NFT.
    • Cost of treasure chest will be mentioned in the metric sheet
  • The pricing of each NFT will depend on various factors.
  • The value of the Character cards NFT’s will be determined by their;
    • Rarity
    • Level
    • Availabilty in Market
  • The value of the Upgrade cards NFT’s will be determined by their;
    • Drop Rate
    • Availabilty in Market


  • Settings can be accessed from the main menu of the game
  • Below mentioned options will be available in the settings menu
    • Enable/Disable sound effect
    • Enable/Disable Background music
    • Logout