Convival E-Sports

Covival Esports is an innovative platform aimed at bringing the players, organisers and viewers on a single platform which allows them to seamlessly interact with each other and earn while doing what they love to do.

Tournaments โ€” This platform will enable organisers to arrange gaming tournaments from a wide variety of games which can be directly hosted on our platform. Organisers will be able to earn Convival tokens for arranging these tournaments along with players for playing.

On Boarding P2E games โ€” Convival Esports will give P2E boost by letting players earn CVL tokens by onboarding various P2E games by simple API integration. The innovative part is that in-game tokenomics will stay unaffected and players will be able to CVL tokens over and above their in-game tokens. This will incentivize users and builders to integrate their games with Convival Esports

Watch 2 Earn (W2E)- This is the platformโ€™s unique feature which lets you earn by simply coming and cheering the players. The ESports Industry has been accelerating at a pace that has never been seen before. In 2017 itself , according to Super Data , Gaming Video had more audience than Netflix , HBO , ESPN and Prime Video combined. This clearly states that the Esports industry is soon going to be bigger than Olympics , IPL and perhaps way bigger than the biggest Sports Leagues in the World. Watch 2 Earn lets the viewers monetize the time spent on watching games.

In App Advertisement- This feature will connect the Web 3 arena back to Web 2 by using the feature prevalent in the traditional market and will act as the source of revenue for the platform.

Web 2- Web 3 Bridge โ€” Convival Esports will act as a bridge between the traditional platforms and Web 3 by making the transition grandma friendly. We aim to make this as simple as using Google or Facebook log in buttons to log into the platform.

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