Free to play
Convival has no upfront cost in order for users to participate , which means purchasable assets are not necessary for gameplay. These economies are open to the widest audience of players, attracting not just low income players, but potentially more middle-class players that make up the core of the audience. . It gives value to the NFTs that players earn through gameplay and drives fees that can give utility to the fungible tokens distributed to players.
But to control the Asset inflation , We have reduced the rewards for free players in the lowest league, so that players needed to demonstrate some skill in order to earn.
We will distribute rewards based upon skill rather than participation , so that players have to conquer very hard to win and earn in the game so that the risk of over-inflation in rewards and assets can be better managed.
Some rewards can be traded whereas some rewards can be destroyed through a game battle and usability of the assets diminishes with each use.
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