Revenue Stream

In Convival , we were soley foucssed on Revenue and Expansion Of Community in our Ecosystem.
We are making game on the theme of Clash Royale that is very addictive and revenue generating. Clash Rayale on year of lauching generated a wooping revenue of 1 Billion Dollors in the very first year of launching, thats a huge revenue.
  • We will charge a 7% tax on Every sell and Buy of an NFT in our market place.
  • Once a player wins each match, they will earn timed treasure chests. New chest can be bought from marketplace that money will go to treasury in which 20% will go to revenue.

NFT Sales:

In a very planned way , we will have NFT sales in accordance and consideration with asset inflation. We will sell different types of Upgrade Cards, Character Cards , Treasure Chest , Skins in our marketplace.

Upgrade Cards:

Upgrade cards are Consumable NFT’s that are earnt through gameplay and can be bought on the marketplace.
To level up the Card player needs $Bliss and $CVL token both for upgrading , all $Bliss tokens are burned and $CVL are moved to treasury.

Tournaments fee

There will be competitions in the game where contestants will have to have buy-in in tokens to enter. We will take a commission from each buy-in, and all the rest will form a pool prize for a tournament.

Convival War:

We Will have PVP (Player Vs Player) competitions on next phase where they can fight together to win oppositions tokens.This Is Called “Convivial War”.
  • Player 1 Vs Player 2 have to agree on a fixed amount like 1000 coins or 2000 coins or so,they’ll have the choice to do this.winner will be rewarded & looser will loose all the tokens.Net rewards for winner will be = total number of tokens -Tax(10%)
  • This 10% tax will go to ecosystem(7%) and BuyBack(3%)

In Game Sponsership:

We are primarily focussing on Esports industry that have huge sponsership and merchandise revenue that will go to treasury.