Overview Of Convival Deck
  • There are two core pools that users can deposit tokens into to receive additional CVL tokens. The CVL pool holds only CVL tokens. It has a pool weight of 0.2. The CVL/USDT pool only holds CVL/USDT Sushi LP (SLP) tokens. It has a pool weight of 0.8.
  • To stake tokens, the user chooses the pool and clicks the Stake button. In the opened window the user should specify:
    • Amount Of Tokens
    • Duration
      • 1 month
      • 3 month
      • 6 month
      • 12 month
      • Custom (from 30 days to 365 days using slider)
    • User can see estimated ARP, that depends on Duration
  • Each pool has a pool card on the Staking page where users can get some additional information on the pool, including the Total Value Locked (TVL) in the pool, the current APR and APY values, and begin the Staking process.
  • The APR is displayed for each core pool. The APR value is determined by the amount of rewards a pool is currently distributing and the current TVL a pool has. The APR can fluctuate as deposits are added and removed from the pool. Users should be aware that the amount of rewards being distributed decreases by 3% every two-week epoch. Users can use the APR amount to estimate how much tokens their deposit is likely to return.
  • Users can access the Pool Details component via the 'Details' button on the Pool Card. The Pool Details component shows users specific metadata values relating to each pool, such as: Pool name Contract address TVL User liquidity APR APY.
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