How Does Convival Work To Solve These Problems?

The next & the most obvious question that comes to our mind after โ€œwhatโ€ is โ€œhowโ€. Convivial is offering a solution to each of these problems, Let us go through them step-by-step.

โ€ข Gamerโ€™s Liquidity โ€” To simplify this complex issue we have taken lot of initiatives. The game that we offer is easy to play ,interact with and is form of a single platform to satisfying all our needs. To onboard users from web2.0 to web3.0 we have made our UI very user friendly avoiding all the complexities of blockchain. With this approach an average Joe can simply join the platform ,log in & start their journey in few simple steps. Convival ecosystem games are free to play & provide an economic incentive to its users with a Play to Earn model. Another problem that we addressed is of crypto trade of in game currency, as most web 2.0 users are unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies, we have made(after careful considerations) the decision to provide on ramp and off ramp solutions like Indiaโ€™s UPI Payments system. In addition to it we will also enable Credit & Debit card payments for crypto purchases on our platform. Enabling bank payments will give users enormous confidence in the credibility of the ecosystem and fast payments via service providers like UPI will ensure a smooth experience for the community.

โ€ข Limited Monetization Opportunities โ€” In addition to generic Play-to-earn model for the end user, weโ€™ve worked on various revenue streams like streaming the game (Watch-to-earn),In App Advertisements and partnering with other P2E games among others. Since our games will be a free to play on a decentralized platform the revenue will be shared among the users of the Convival ecosystem.

โ€ข Fragmented Gaming Ecosystem โ€” An overlooked problem with a lot of projects and seldom solved. The web 3.0 element of our games and ecosystem will be concentrated in one specific place. This is an approach that weโ€™re taking by learning from otherโ€™s mistakes in the industry, instead of keeping all the services and features of our ecosystem on separate domains we will be keeping everything on a single platform that is user friendly. Concentration of all the services will ensure ease of navigation through the ecosystem & in turn will reduce the lag time.

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