In the game, team synergy is crucial to success not only in conquest, but also in evolution. Having a single impressive Illuvial is not enough to make your team unbeatable. The synergy of the entire set plays a pivotal role in the collective value, the momentum of continuous wins, and enjoyment of gameplay. Same goes for the Convival team.

Harshit Singh Co-Founder (CEO)

Harshit is a Comp Science Graduate and started investing in crypto very early with over 70+ SAFTs angel investing with over 20+ SAFTs in Web 3.0 Gaming. Earlier founded Cryptriq , a news media and research firm of crypto projects with social value of more than 50,000 peoples. Expert in relation building and tech.

Mukesh Mahapatra Co-founder ( CMO & CBO )

Engineering Graduate Having More Than 6 Years Of Experience & Serving This Crypto Universe With His Economics & Marketing Excellence.Co-Founded Wolfonaire Premium a crypto enthusiast community with more than 50000 total Active members those are investors,supporters & builders.Contributed to grow more crypto awareness by hosting more than 150+ AMA With Top-Tier Crypto Projects & Their Founders,Having an excellence in business management,Marketing PR & Relationship Management,early stage investor in 75+ Crypto projects backed by Tier 1 Crypto VCs & Exchanges.
Mohammad Muavia Co-Founder ( Chief Operating Officer )
Tech and Defi expert , master in tokenomics and economics. Earlier designed more than 8 project tokenomics and co-founded Foto (An NFT marketplace). Been an expert in NFT and Defi he will be the chief operational officer of Convival.

Praneet Kumar - Chief Financial Officer

Praneet has vast experience in legal & financial sector. He is founder and managing partner of Captur Advisor boutique consulting firm focussed on blockchain and emerging technologies. He is currently advisor in Create Protocol and Octopus Network. He believes in blockchain technology & started his crypto universe career 5 years ago as an private investor & worked with many successful projects.

Sweekriti Shetty - Senior Project Manager

Have vast knowledge on working with many top games in the industry she will the project manager of Convival.

Sachin Yadav ( Art Designer )


Art lead an automobile designer , United Institute of Design graduate has an expertise in working cutting edge graphics.

Vishnu Bhupathiraju - Senior Game Designer

Expert in Unity , Unreal Engine he has experience in working with top level game companies like 99games and juego studio he will be the senior game designer of Convival.

Abhijith Shetty - Senior Software Developer

With more than 10 years of experience in software developement and cloud services he will be the senior software lead at Convival.

Krithik B - Operations Manager

With 10years of experience in Juego Studio he will be the opeartional Manager of Convival.

Roman Mihailov - Senior Blockchain Develpement Manager

From token creation to huge investment platform or NFT-marketplaces he is an expert in blockchain developement and he will be the senior blockchain manager of Convival.
Ngo Vo Kim Nga - Community Manager
KIM is our new community manager! Having previously worked at Mymasterwar and top level Vietnam games Kim has proven experience in fostering and developing great communities, helping to make our Discord, Telegram a fun and exciting place to hang out.
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