Convival Supply and Unlock

The word tokenomics is short form for ‘Token economics’.We respect that if maths behind a project’s token don’t stack up properly-these bad tokenomics will most likely be reflected down the line with a continuous decline and then collapse in value of that token.Well managed good tokenomics always prevents dumps & gives confidence to the investors to invest & motivates to hold with long term vision.This is good for health & longevity of the project,That plays major role in making the GameFi sustainable model.To create a sustainable GameFi that allows long term user adoption,we carefully chose our partners and designed our tokenomics to be aligned around long term vision.
Tokenomics comprise metric information across five areas:
  • Supply
  • Allocation
  • Distribution
  • Emission
  • Utility
In Convivial we have dual token economy. $CVL(Convivial) & $BLISS (Bliss)
  • Convivial($CVL) :- The $CVL Token is the primary ERC-20 token used within Convivial Ecosystem.or in app purchases,NFT characters & equipment sales,governence Convivial counsel,staking rewards,Convivial war,marketplace.The total supply is 500M tokens.
  • Bliss ($BLISS):-$Bliss is an non ERC-20 token and the second token of the Convivial ecosystem.The only way to mint $BLISS is to play the game, and it is used to perform many actions:- upgrading characters,to open mystery boxes,marketplace,convivial war,tipping to the creators.

Allocation Of $CVL:-

  • Total Supply: 500000000 $CVL
  • Angel : $0.014(140,000)
  • Seed Sale Price: $0.022( $660,000)
  • Private Sale Price: $0.034($2,040,000)
  • Public Sale Price: $0.045($900,000)
  • Player Rewards:
    • Staking : 25%
    • P2E : 22%
  • Team:10%
  • Advisor:5%
  • Ecosystem Development:14%
  • Seed Sale:-7%
  • Private Sale:-13%
  • Public Sales:4%


  • We have allocated 49% of total supply to the players.These tokens will be distributed to incentivize players to participate in the game through competitions and other Play-and-Earn activities & also to provide liquidity & single token staking.We have allocated 27% for Convivial staking & 22% for Convivial P2E.We have calculated this figure to ensure that the players getting good values & get addicted to convivial while balancing he token emissions at the same.This Is all about giving values & maintaining values to make convivial sustainable ecosystem.
Rewards = 49% Of Total Supply (245000000)
0% unlocked at the TGE, 2% each month


  • We have allocated 14% for ecosystems growth funds.These tokens will help convivial ecosystem to expand further,these will be used for many growth activities,game developments & operational expanses,also the collaborations with many top tier guilds & communities.A decent part of these tokens will also be used to provide liquidity & market makers to list & continue support our tokens on external exchanges.
Ecosystem Fund = 14% Of Total Supply(70,000,000)
7% Unlocked at TGE,then 2% more each month

Team -

  • We have allocated 10% for convivial team & partners & equity holders.We believe in long term vision of convivial & always ready to do the best at present for our community.
Team Allocations = 10% Of Total Supply(50,000,000)
0% Unlocked At TGE,then 15 months cliff then liner vesting to 24 Months


  • We have allocated 5% to our advisors.We are thankful to the advisors for their consistent guidance & support for the long term vision of Convivial.
Advisors Allocations =5% Of Total Supply(25,000,000)
0% Unlocked At TGE,then 8 months cliff then liner vesting to 24 Months


  • Seed Sale Of 7% tokens reserved for initial backers & supporters.They will get early access to the convivial ecosystem.Funds will be used to develop major parts of the game & to hire more talents to make convivial more stronger ecosystem.
Seed Sale Allocations = 7% of total supply(35,000,000)
5% Unlocked At TGE,then 6 months cliff then unlock 5.27% per month


  • Private sale of 13% reserved for the supporters,Kols & partners.These funds will be used to finalised game developments in all phases & also to expand convivial ecosystem,media-marketing,partnerships & CVL token listings to the exchanges that ensure more liquidity & flexibility to attract decent investors to the convivial ecosystem.
Private Sale Allocations = 13% of total supply(65,000,000)
6% Unlocked At TGE,then 4months cliff then unlock 6% per month

Public Sale-

  • This round will be mostly Whitelisting round reserved 4% for the community,builders,content creators & platforms.These funds will be used to provide liquidity for $CVL exchanges & more market expansion.
    Public Sale Allocations =4% of total supply(20,000,000)
    20% Unlock,Then unlock 7% per month