Convival Supply and Unlock

The word tokenomics is short form for ‘Token economics’.We respect that if maths behind a project’s token don’t stack up properly-these bad tokenomics will most likely be reflected down the line with a continuous decline and then collapse in value of that token.Well managed good tokenomics always prevents dumps & gives confidence to the investors to invest & motivates to hold with long term vision.This is good for health & longevity of the project,That plays major role in making the GameFi sustainable model.To create a sustainable GameFi that allows long term user adoption. We carefully chose our partners and designed our tokenomics to be aligned around long term vision.
Tokenomics comprise metric information across five areas:
  • Supply
  • Allocation
  • Distribution
  • Emission
  • Utility
In Convivial we have dual token economy. $CVL(Convivial) & $BLISS (Bliss)
  • Convivial($CVL) :- The $CVL Token is the primary ERC-20 token used within Convivial Ecosystem or in app purchases of NFT characters & equipment sales, governance counsel, staking rewards, Convivial war and marketplace.The total supply is 500M tokens.
  • Bliss ($BLISS):-$Bliss is an non ERC-20 token and the second token of the Convivial ecosystem.The only way to mint $BLISS is to play the game and it is used to perform many actions like upgrading characters to open mystery boxes, marketplace, convival war, tipping to the creators.

Allocation Of $CVL:-

  • Total Supply: 500,000,000 $CVL
  • Angel : $0.014(140,000)
  • Seed Sale Price: $0.018( $360,000)
  • Private Sale Price: $0.032($1,760,000)
  • Public Sale Price: $0.042($420,000)
  • Player Rewards:
    • Smart Liquidity : 15%
    • P2E : 12%
  • Team:12%
  • Advisor:5%
  • Ecosystem Development:25%
  • Seed Sale:-4%
  • Private Sale:-11%
  • Public Sales:2%


  • We have allocated 27% of total supply to the players.These tokens will be distributed to incentivize players to participate in the game through competitions and other Play-and-Earn activities & also to provide liquidity & single token staking.We have allocated 15% for Convivial staking & 12% for Convivial P2E.We have calculated this figure to ensure that the players getting good values & get addicted to convivial while balancing he token emissions at the same.This Is all about giving values & maintaining values to make convivial sustainable ecosystem.
Rewards = 27% Of Total Supply
0% unlocked at the TGE, 2% each month


  • We have allocated 25% for ecosystems growth funds.These tokens will help convivial ecosystem to expand further. These tokens will be used for many growth activities, game developments & operational expense and also for the collaborations with many top tier guilds & communities.A decent part of these tokens will also be used to provide liquidity & market makers to list & continue support our tokens on external exchanges.
Ecosystem Fund = 14% Of Total Supply
7% Unlocked at TGE, then 2% more each month

Team -

  • We have allocated 12% for convivial team & partners & equity holders.We believe in long term vision of convivial & always ready to do the best at present for our community.
Team Allocations = 10% Of Total Supply
0% Unlocked At TGE,then 15 months cliff then liner vesting to 24 Months


  • We have allocated 5% to our advisors.We are thankful to the advisors for their consistent guidance & support for the long term vision of Convivial.
Advisors Allocations =5% Of Total Supply
0% Unlocked At TGE, then 8 months cliff then liner vesting to 24 Months


  • Seed Sale Of 4% tokens reserved for initial backers & supporters.They will get early access to the convivial ecosystem.Funds will be used to develop major parts of the game & to hire more talents to make convivial more stronger ecosystem.
Seed Sale Allocations = 4% of Total Supply
5% Unlocked At TGE, then 6 months cliff then unlock 5.27% per month


  • Private sale of 11% reserved for the supporters, Kol's & partners.These funds will be used to finalised game developments in all phases & also to expand convivial ecosystem, media-marketing, partnerships & CVL token listings to the exchanges that ensure more liquidity & flexibility to attract decent investors to the convivial ecosystem.
Private Sale Allocations = 11% of Total Supply
6% Unlocked At TGE, then 4months cliff then unlock 6% per month

Public Sale-

  • This round will be mostly Whitelisting round reserved 2% for the community, builders, content creators & platforms.These funds will be used to provide liquidity for $CVL exchanges & more market expansion.
Public Sale Allocations =2% of Total Supply
20% Unlock,Then unlock 7% per month