The $CVL Token is the primary ERC-20 token used within Convivial Ecosystem.or in app purchases,NFT characters & equipment sales,governence Convivial counsel,staking rewards,Convivial war,marketplace.The total supply is 500M tokens.
With a perfect vision and expertise in Tokenomics , we developed a solid tokenomics that not only help in expansion of Convival but also make a sustanable economics for game and Defi. Most project collopse in market and one main reason for this is bad tokenomics, so we have studied tokenomics of more than 30 gaming projects in market and defined this one.
The supply of 500M $CVL will be minted with the purpose of financing the early development & expansion of the game, and rewarding the initial batch of users & the team. We will perform a series of sales to have funds to use as liquidity to list $CVL on Top exchanges.

$CVL Burning Mechanics (Destroying)


  • At certain level users must burn $CVL to further upgrade there cards.
  • Max inventory capability (to deploy the max number of NFTs to the game ) first it’s setup with 30.It means total additions of NFT multiplier would be 30.If anyone wanna more then they have to boost the capability by burning a big quantity of $CVL
Enhance In-app Mechanics
  • Burn CVL to permanently increase BLISS Daily Earning Cap.
  • Burn CVL to permanently improve success rate of ALL Gem upgrade.
  • Burn CVL to improve the chance to receive a higher level Character Card from opening Shoebox.

Governance & Utility

$CVL is the governance token in the convival ecosystem. It will be used in Convival Dao to implement new features in game and be the part of governance council.

$CVL Staking

  • Single Token $CVL staking
  • Liquidity Pair staking ( $CVL-$USDT)
Each pool has a rewards that will go to stakers , and this rewards is vested to control the supply of tokens in the market.

Convival War

PVP (Player Vs Player) competitions on next phase where they can fight together to win oppositions tokens and NFT's. This Is Called “Convivial War”.
People can win this to boost there inventory and increase trophy count also.