๐Ÿ‘พMultiplier Model

Whatโ€™s the differences between a NFT & NON NFT Gamer?

So convival is F2P(Free to play) Play 2 Earn MetaFi Game.This game will be same as our inspiration Clash Royale with Crypto economics.Theyโ€™ll play the game & upgrade themselves & get all cards but those will be non NFTs.The beauty is anyone even with 0$ balance can enjoy the game & get the rewards,In traditional games the rewards have the emotional wealth.This is web3 so our game has rewards = Emotional wealth+Monetary Values. Everything would be same but To get more rewards & all benifits users have to upgrade their NON NFT inventory with NFTs.

Reward Multiplier (COINS):

The Players will receive match end reward multiplier for coins based on their NFTs. It works in the following manner:

  • Here all Non NFT Cards multiplier would be for Common(2) ,Rare(4), Epic(7), Legandary(11), Ultra(16), Mythic (22) ;

  • The denominator would be Max number of NFT can deploy is 6.

Formulae :

  • Net rewards = Winner rewards [(Addition of all NFTs Multipliers)/6]

  • Suppose for case 1 we have Player X VS Player Y,player X wins the game & got 100 coins but he has all NON NFT Cards so Net Rewards =100*[ (1+1+1+1+1+1)/6] = 100(6/6 )= 100*1 = 100

  • Letโ€™s think about case 2 where gamerX is equipped with some NFTs,letโ€™s say 1 common & 1rare & 4 non NFTs

    • Rewards = 100*[(2+4+1+1+1+1)/6]

    • = 100*[10/6]

    • = 100*(1.66)

    • = 166

  • In this case you can see gamer is getting 1.66X more rewards than case 1

  • Just think about gamerX is equipped with all the cards thatโ€™s more expensive not all will buy but still for the math we have :-So net rewards = 100*[(2+4+7+11+16+22)/6] = 100* [62/6] = 100[10.3] = 1030

  • In this case GamerX is getting 10.3X more rewards than Case 1.

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