Convival Cult

We believe Web3 is the greatest innovation in the history of technology that empowers “People''. Our core philosophy with Convival is all about empowering people.
To ensure the longevity & sustainability in Covival we vow to respect all personas like players, builders, viewers, investors, collectors and creators for value creation and distribution. It is much easier to say that we love our community but the community comes with different roles they play and in order to get their maximum contribution & peak productivity we have to make sure that they are getting back the same value. Hence with Convival Cult our community will be given different tasks to perform as creators, promoters, participaters, users, builders and get incentivised for their contribution.
We believe Convival Cult represents the collective contributions of different skins and roles from different geographical regions by respecting the ethos of Web3, and will unite together for a unidirectional vision to accomplish the evolution from Web2 to Web3 to make this Gaming Universe a better place.