Gameplay And Mechanics

Gameplay Area:

  • The game follows the rules of Clash royale style tower rush game.
  • The gameplay pitches the player against another player
  • Each side will possess 3 towers. The middle tower is the most important tower and is referred to as the ‘Master tower.
  • The 2 other towers are called the ‘Lieutenant towers.
  • 1 Master tower will be on the back
  • 2 Lieutenant towers will be in the front
  • Gameplay occurs on a ground divided horizontally by river or gap.
  • The 2 sides are connected by 2 bridges leading to the two lieutenant towers.
Gameplay area will be as shown in the image above(Reference only image)

How to win the game

  • Get more Robo-cores than the opponent to win the game
  • For each player there will be 3 towers available in the game.
  • For each player there will be 3 towers available in the game.
    • 2 Lieutenant towers
    • 1 master tower
  • Players will get 1 robo-core to destroy 1 lieutenant tower
  • If the player destroys the master tower, then it will be an instant win for the player and he will earn 3 robo-core for it.
  • The game will be for 3 minutes, at the end of 3 minutes, the player with higher number of robo-core will win the game.
    • After 2 minutes, the energy regeneration rate will be doubled for 1 extra minute.
  • If both the players will be having the same number of robo-core at the end of 3 minutes, then 2 extra minutes will be extended for the game and it will be an overtime (Sudden death: the player to destroy the tower first will be the winner)
    • During overtime energy regeneration will be tripled
  • If still both players are having the same number of robo-cores, then a tie breaker scenario will be activated.
  • Tie Breaker Scenario
    • In this scenario, health of the minars which are standing will start decreasing gradually
    • 100 health per second will be decreased
    • Red blink can be seen on the minar when the minar's health is decreased
    • Meanwhile, players will also be able to deploy units and try to destroy opponent’s minar
    • Energy regeneration will be 3X during tie breaker
    • A player to destroy opponent’s tower during this extra time will be the winner.
    • Even if the opponent’s tower is destroyed through decreasing health, then also the player will be considered as a winner.
  • For winning the game, players will earn
    • Chests
    • In game tokens (coins)
  • If a player loses the game, he will lose
    • In game tokens (coins)( Tokens will be burned)

Troop Deployments:

  • Players use troops in order to destroy enemy towers by deploying them.
  • Players must select 8 character cards from their collection and add them to the playable card deck.
  • During gameplay, Players deploy troops from their card deck by dragging the card onto the gameplay screen.
    • 4 random cards from the player's deck are placed on the gameplay screen.
    • Players will be able to deploy the troops from the 4 character cards available on the screen
    • An upcoming card will also be displayed beside the 4 cards on the hand
    • Once the card is deployed from the hand, an upcoming card will come to the hand and ready to be deployed
    • Deploying the troops cost a renewable resource constantly refilling in a bar.
    • Each troop will cost a certain amount of the renewable resource.
  • The deployed characters will go to the enemy tower closest to their spawn location, and attack them.
  • If there are any troops deployed by the enemy, the troops will engage in combat with them.
  • What each troop prioritizes when deployed, depends on their character type.
    • Some will prioritize enemy troops when they appear near them
    • Some troops will ignore enemy troops and only focus on hitting the nearest tower.
    • All the information about the troop’s behaviour and stats will be mentioned in the metric sheet
  • At the start of a match, troops can be deployed only on the player's side of the map only. Border of the spawn area ends at the division.
  • Once a tower on the enemy side is destroyed, the spawn area around that tower is unlocked allowing players to spawn troops closer to enemy forts.
(Reference Image Only)
  • Enemy players will also be able to spawn troops inside your territory if your towers are destroyed.
  • The types of troops available are
    • Melee (Boxing bot, Ramming drone, etc)
    • Ranged (Gun equipped bot, Missile equipped bot, etc)
    • Master tower attacks (Artillery strike, etc)
  • The types of Troop behavior are:
    • Only Prioritize the nearest tower.
    • Prioritize the enemies in the range
      • If not enemies are there in the range, then the troops will prioritize attacking the tower
  • All troops use 2 movement types
    • Ground troops:
      • These type of troops will walk on the ground
      • These troops will use the bridges to go to the nearest enemy tower or to the enemy side
    • Flying troops:
      • These troops travel above the ground level, in the air
      • These troops don't need to use the bridges to go to the opponent’s area, instead they can go over the gap from where they are deployed

Renewable resource (Energy) system:

  • Deploying the cards to the arena will require energy.
  • Players can only have maximum 10 energy
  • Energy will be displayed at the bottom of the screen on the gameplay screen with number and a bar
  • Players will start the game with 5 energy, and the energy will increase gradually throughout the game
    • Normal energy: 1 energy every 2.8 seconds
    • Double energy: After 2 minutes of the game, the energy regeneration rate will be doubled (2 energy every 2.8 seconds)
    • Triple energy (during overtime): 3 energy every 2.8 seconds
    • NOTE: Current active rate of energy regeneration will be displayed on the top-right of the gameplay screen.
  • Players will not be able to deploy particular card, when the current energy is less than required energy to deploy the card
  • Energy required to deploy the card will be displayed on each card as well.
  • NOTE: Above numbers for energy system can be changed later for game balancing

Time locked treasure chest:

  • Players can obtain below mentioned things from the chest
    • Character cards
    • Upgrade cards
    • Coins.
    • All the details on the chances of getting them will be mentioned in the metric sheet
  • Player can get chest by
    • Winning the battles
    • Purchasing from the marketplace
      • NOTE: Chest purchased from the market place will be instantly unlocked
    • Chest slots
      • When a player earns a chest it will go to the chest slot, and player will need to unlock it to obtain rewards from the chest
      • 4 chest slot will be available in the main menu of the game
      • Once all the slots are full, players will not get more chest by winning the battle
      • If player tries to play the battle, then they will get warning popup when all the slots are full
        • Warning Pop up message: You cannot obtain any more chest for winning the battle, you wish to continue?
      • Slots will be available when the chest is unlocked and the rewards are obtained from it.
    • Unlocking chest
      • Unlock time of the chest will be different for all the type of chest
      • Only 1 chest can be unlocked at a time
        • Players will have to select the chest to unlock from the slot
        • Once the chest is unlocked, the player can obtain rewards from it and can start unlocking next chest
        • The timer period can be skipped by spending coins.
          • Coins required to skip X amount of time will be mentioned in the metric sheet
    • Chest according to the arenas
      • Each arena will have various drops rates for the chest
      • Players can get the chest of the arena in which player is currently playing
        • For example, if the player is in arena 3 then he will get chest of arena 3
      • Chest earnt from low tier arenas have shorter time windows to open the chest and collect the rewards
      • Whereas chests earnt from higher tier arenas take longer time to open the chest and collect the reward.
      • The time for opening the chest will be mentioned in the metric sheet
    • Chest animations
      • Chest opening animation
      • Card revealing animations
    • Type of chests

Character Cards:

  • All player troops and characters are represented as cards both in gameplay and in menus. When deployed, their avatar will spawn in the gameplay space and perform their function.
  • All players will be able to slot in 8 such cards in their personal deck.
  • In the start of the gameplay, 4 of these cards are chosen and cycled through as each card is deployed.
  • Once a card has been deployed, they are not discarded, They are slotted back into the players personal deck.
    • Eventually the deployed card can be deployed again.
  • Each card costs a certain amount of renewable energy resource.
    • Cards when there isn’t enough energy are grayed out and cannot be clicked and dragged on to the gameplay screen
    • When there is enough energy to deploy a card, The graying out disappears and the cards are now clickable and can be dragged to the gameplay screen for deploying.
  • The energy bar gradually fills up at a constant pace until the bar is full.
  • As users upgrade and acquire new cards, they can make changes to their personal deck to their heart's content.
  • Each of the character cards in the player's possession is considered an NFT.
  • There will be a total of 15 character cards.
  • All cards are sorted into rarity as follows
    • Common
    • Rare
    • Epic
    • Legendary
    • Ultra
    • Mythic
  • Cards of higher rarity are rewarded for winning matches at higher tier arenas.
  • Once a character card is earnt, all subsequent cards earnt of the same character become upgrade cards

Upgrade Cards

  • Upgrade cards are Consumable NFT cards that are earnt through gameplay and can be bought on the marketplace.
  • Note:
    • The first time a new card is earnt, it will be a character card.
    • All subsequent drops of that card will be upgrade cards.
  • All character cards can be upgraded a total of 13 times.
  • Each Character card NFT’s can be leveled up to increase their stats and gameplay performance.
  • Each upgrade requires coins and upgrade cards relevant to the card being upgraded.
  • For example;
    • Robot 1 can be upgraded for 20 coins and 4 ‘Robot 1 Upgrade Cards’ at level 1.
    • After each level up the coin cost and upgrade card cost also increases.
    • At level 12 → 13; Robot 1 would require 1500 coins and 40 ‘Robot 1 Upgrade Cards’.
    • Each character upgrade increases the amount of upgrade cards and coins required and that will be mentioned in the metric sheet
    • This increases the difficulty curve of leveling up cards.
  • Each of the upgrade cards will have a different rate of dropping based on the character cards' rarity and tier.
  • Since players will want several instances of Upgrade cards, it will require them to farm for them through gameplay or buy them on the market.

Player progression

  • Player progression is determined by their character level.
  • The player's character level is determined by the cards in their possession,their rarity and their level.
  • As the player level increases, they will have access to new arena tiers.
  • At what level, the player will reach to the respective arena, will be mentioned in the metric sheet
  • The benefit of playing in higher tiers of arenas is increased difficulty, progression and unlocking new rarity cards.


  • Players can play in various arenas
  • Players can see the details for various arenas by tapping on arena on the main menu
  • Arenas are the unique battle ground that are unlocked as the player level is increased
  • Arena in which the player is playing will be based on player’s level
  • Players will be able to unlock new cards as they climb up the arena
  • Chests obtained from the higher arena will have a greater number of cards and coins
  • 4 arena tiers available for phase 1.
    • Arenas are essentially gameplay maps with different aesthetics but will give better rewards as we climb up
    • Each arena will be unique (Aesthetically)
    • Player will start with Arena 1, and as they level up, they will be placed in higher arenas.
    • Level range and card unlocks for the particular arena will be mentioned in the metric sheet


  • Players in the same arena will be matched with each other
  • For example, if the player from arena 1 is searching for the game, then he will only be matched against the other player from arena 1
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