Official Whitepaper Convivial( Version 0.0.3).


Convival is creating a unique Web 3.0 powered global gaming ecosystem to democratise the access to opportunities for all gamers, builders & stakeholders alike.
Convival aims to create a platform which enables traditional Gamers to take a leap of faith from Web 2 world to Web 3 world. We believe that to achieve true success in the Web 3 world we need to create rails for users to make a walk from Web 2 to Web 3 world. Just as movement to Web 2 world created, amplified and unlocked value for not only the users but everyone we believe this walk to Web 3 will create unimaginable value for the world.
We believe Crypto currencies are the future of money and Web 3 will transform how businesses interact with each other
We really think gaming is the next beacon and it can take the adoption from web2 space to web3 space much faster. We think gaming can be the biggest winner in Web 3 space and that's why we are bringing our passions together of crypto and gaming. We are building an ecosystem which can sustain long term, which can help people transition from web2 to web3, which can really make life better and entertaining for our community.

Convival Eco-system Consists Of 5 Pillors.
  • Convival Royale ( Strartegy Based Game )
  • Convival E-sports
  • Convival Mini Games
  • Convival-Fi
  • Convival Cult
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